#NewNew: LUNA GOD's EP Debut

In this non stop world, new music is the best kind of present, forcing you to take a minute to purely just listen. Lucky for us, later this week we’re going to get a weekend treat in the form of LUNA GOD's EP. After releasing a music video to ‘LGEP pt. 1’ earlier this week, this 4 track compilation features production by LUNA himself, and features from some Seattle ‘homies,’ including Campana and Astro King Phoenix. Peep the music video below and keep an ear out on Sunday.

And of course I couldn't leave you hanging without just a little bit more...

So tell us, who are you?

I am a creative who uses music to tell stories and create worlds. 

Because I'm pretty heavy into hip hop, especially being from Seattle, I know that you’ve previously produced songs for other artists, as well as worked with Cold Water Theatre, what made you decide to put out your first solo project?

I'm always creating. This LUNA GOD sound was something I had been messing around with for awhile. But never really thought much of doing anything with it until a couple months ago. I've made a lot music that never makes it off my computer. It just feels right to let this music out into the world and I'm super excited.

Created by Ron Comoda

Created by Ron Comoda

And even though you’re obviously not the only artist to have a ‘stage name”, what inspired you to pick the name, “LUNA GOD”?

Astro King Phoenix and I put out a project this last fall (http://astrokingphoenix.bandcamp.com/) and he asked me how I wanted to be credited. It kinda just came to me. I'm a Cancer and Cancer's are highly connected to the moon. I feel strongly about being a Cancer. The moon is important to me. The night is important to me. And this music was mostly made under the moon.

Is the sound of the EP going to have a similar feel to your first track with Campana, or have more of a variety?

 Ya it will! Campana's is the lightest of the songs. There's more where that came from. But the rest of it is pretty dark and bass heavy.

  How do you plan to stay relevant in a music scene that’s currently so cluttered and full of artists?

I don't even know. Sometimes I think about this. Like why am I different? Am I even cool? What the fuck is cool? Am I wack? What is wack? Why do some succeed and others don't? I look at people like Kanye, I love Kanye, but what makes him so great? Why is his music so revered and loved? I honestly think its just about convincing other people you're great and believing you are great. I believe we all have that greatness in us. We are all capable. But it's so easy to lose sight of it. To feel small. The world wants us to feel small. But to me each cell in the body is important and serves a function... But who knows. I'm probably full of shit. All I know is I really like what I'm creating. And I'm excited for people to hear it. There's nothing like this music that I'm about to drop. There's no one like LUNA GOD. But also I ain't shit and thats cool too.

Photo by Ron Comoda

Photo by Ron Comoda

What can we expect for the rest of 2016?

I'm very excited about this year. I'm not usually one to make resolutions or goals, but I did this year. I will say there will be more projects from LUNA GOD and also from Cold Water Theater. Who knows what else I will create. I'm just happy to be living. I'm just happy to be creating. All the homies on this project are bout to release some dope shit. Honestly, Campana, Astro King Phoenix, Turtle T, and Rell are the dopest to me. Their artistry and talent is above all. And I feel so lucky to work with them and to chill with them, they really are fam and we're all about to do some dope shit this year.