No More Games with Cliftun

You can't really comprehend Los Angeles if you're never been here, or even if you've spent a couple days here on vacation. LA is complex. LA is like growing up not knowing exactly how you feel, or what anything is. Palm trees glisten in the sun like in the movies, but here you also lose people's souls in the quest for hype. 

Its just so easy to get lost. In a place where we idolize mediocre content, sometimes we don't really know what we like. Do we really like that hoodie? Do we really like this rapper? Does any of this matter?

In order to survive LA you have to know yourself. Create something that you would be proud of in the center of Middle America. Put your heart into what you're doing because otherwise you might not get it back. 

Because of this over the past two years I've been focusing on showcasing truly talented individuals who aren't here to sell out, and even though I haven't been exactly perfect at doing that regularly, I still love getting to share people that make me happy with you guys.

On that note, if you've been on my blog before you might recall I interviewed rapper  Cliftun a while back (who's song Amy Pt. 2 I've been playing non stop), and I teamed up with him again to take a stroll through his Koreatown neighborhood  to discuss life over a bowl of cereal and some Mario Kart, watch the video above and check out the photos below. 

Cliftun interview
Cliftun LA
Pink wall