More Festivals in LA with Bearcap

Shot by Chasity London

Shot by Chasity London

No more parties in LA might have some truth to it (people go out here starting Monday night after all), but one thing we can never get enough of is festivals. And when I say festivals I'm not talking about that one that shall not be named. I'm talking about local events that feature under the top 40 radar talent. One of these events is Noise in the Hood, although I didn't get to attend this year I definitely had my eyes and ears open to who was set to perform, and will very certainly write it on my calendar for the next date (who wants to come with me?) 

But of course events don't create themselves, there has to be a hardworking and creative source behind all the madness. In this case the director of cool was Bearcap:

 To start, who are you?

What’s good, I’m Kamil also know by Bearcap / BC / BEARCAPSUNDAY/aka NO FACE , I’m a producer/artist & event coordinator.

Since it has now run for two years, what initially prompted the start of the Noise in the Hood festival?

I wanted throw big shows for me & my homies to rap at without dealing with bs politics or paying to play.


Since the festival was originally named Hoodchella but had to be changed (due to the slightly ridiculous rules that Coachella made regarding names) what made you pick ‘Noise in the Hood’?

Noise In the Hood originally was a separate festival I was planning to throw in New York next year, but due to the legal situation I decided to bring that vibe to LA.

What do you think makes LA such a great place for artists? Is it just the fact its one of the major entertainment capitals and has such a diverse mix of people or is there something else?

LA is the hot spot, everyone comes to LA from all over. Los Angeles has so many sub cultures all in one huge county.

What would you like to see change or improve in the music scene here as far as catering to independent or smaller artists goes?

I feel like independent artists need more major platforms & independent platforms to showcase new fresh talent. I would like for artists to start embracing their own original sound again, it seems like everyone is trying to sound like everyone else, because no one is going to write a major blog post about you unless you have some higher CO sign or feature which is creating a recessive cycle of creativity.

Are there any specific local artists you think have amazing talent that you would love to see make it big?

Too many to name.

What are you working on next that we can look forward to?

I've been working on some beats, some new visuals & collabs; a lot of new stuff is in the works.


Peep these for the new new: