"Somebody's got a case of the Monday's"


For the outfit today I wanted to look somewhat 90's. I'm not talking like big shoulder pad/terrible hair/women's pantsuit 90's (shudder), I'm talking more on the lines of grungy/Clueless 90's! Since our school has a obnoxious dress code (which recently got stricter) I obviously cant wear a crop top (which would make this more authentically retro). However, I choose not to  abide by the "skirt must be at least finger tip length" rule because umm all my skirts are shorter than that! For the rest of the outfit I wore my navy green plaid skirt, white (almost) corset top, cross necklace and thigh high socks (which keep slipping down, is there such a thing as sock tape?). Finally, for the hair I tried to make it somewhat Sky Ferreira'y because as you should all know, she's amazing! Overall the outfit was a success, mostly because I did not get a dress code slip from my at times frightening spanish teacher..