Welcome Home

I decided to make a Blogspot because well, we all know Tumblr is so 2011! Ok, just kidding, but I feel like Tumblr is more for just reblogging pictures and getting the most "notes" instead of creating new material. So for this blog, I plan on posting some outfit pictures, things that inspire me and just anything that really pops up in my mind. For my first post I took some pictures of my room so that you could get an idea of my style and my creative process. I hope you lovely people all stay tuned for my upcoming posts:

Polaroid camera, crowns, and lots of Lana del rey! What more can you ask for...

If there's one thing you should know it's that I'm a complete magazine addict! I have like 5 subscriptions and I never throw them away!

Polaroids and more polaroids. I absolutely love having instant snapshots, they bring out lots of good memories...
These sparkly boots are my favorite! Completely ridiculous, but whats life without a little fun.
My super ghetto-fab "Bad" ring and some fun pictures with my friends <3