"Almost Famous"

So this morning I woke up at 6:30 (planning to go running before drivers ed.) but I decided I would rather sleep an hour more than do fitness (shocking I know ;) However, because I didn't go running I had plenty of energy and time to pick out a good outfit! I decided to go for a kind of 1970's rock groupy kind of vibe (check out the movie "Almost Famous" which I actually haven't seen, but I heard it was some fabulous outfits). For this look I paired my Rolling Stones top with my sheer floral top (I don't know what to call it) and black leather boots. I think it all pairs very nicely and I definitely stand out in this style conservative suburb. Oh I also have some great news to share! I got booked to be in the 7 Salon fashion show at Bellevue Fashion Week! Its going to be my first show and so I'm very excited (yet nervous) however its at the end of September and so I still have a while to go!
Here's a video of last years show:http://vimeo.com/30480171

Top: Forever 21, Shorts: H&M, Floral jacket: Macy's, Cross Ring: Claire's