The Campaign

So I wore the outfit above last Friday night to go have sushi and see "The Campaign" with my parents! I quite enjoyed the film and thought it was a humorous but sadly somewhat realistic version of American politics, especially those nasty television ads! Anyways, for the evening I wore my new pleather jacket from Forever 21 with my nude chiffon skirt and leopard print wedges! I also tried to wave my hair as you will see in the next picture:
As you may be able to tell...I should probably get a haircut soon! Though I am rather fond that I'm starting to get "Ferreira hair"! That is after all my goal in life ;) That and to be as "ghetto-fab" as Lana del Rey!

Oh I should also mention I did another test shoot for my portfolio yesterday! This time the photographer was Spencer Peterson who is also currently a model living in New York (her family lives here in Seattle so I assume she spends part of her time here). She was great and I cant wait to see the pictures. We took some on the dock (at her relatives lake house) and outside in the garden! I'll post some pictures of Spencer herself below and some of her previous work (she doesn't have a website yet):

Her personal photography: