T-bird 1966

Dress: Only, Neon pink purse: Urban Outfitters, Sneakers: Converse, Sunglasses: H&M
Finally the weather here in the mostly gray state has gotten much more summer'y, the max for the day is 91 degrees Fahrenheit and right now its 27 degrees Celsius (I only have a Celsius meter in my house, yes it gets confusing!). And because its so hot I of course wear a black dress (smart)..Anyways I really want to go to the lake today but I have a feeling my friend is still sleeping and its not going to happen. Whilst waiting for a reply I went with my parents on a walk to see a vintage car that was on sale, which I am now in love with! Why must I have feelings for old cars and not new less difficult ones?! Below you will find a picture of this sweet ride:
* PS. I hope the weather is lovely wherever you may be!