Take me on a time-machine

Here's my outfit for this Wednesday (went to a SWERVE meeting and going to a runway casting in the evening). I bought this lovely kimono/robe'ish jacket at Macy's yesterday because it was on sale and I had eyed it previously with an envious feeling. It totally has that 70's hippy vibe that makes me want to start dancing in the streets but done in a classy and not tacky way. Oh one question, does anyone know how to get pictures to be a bit larger than this but not like actually huge if that makes sense? And here are a few choices from the world wide web in case you also want to feel like a concert goer at "a oh so cool we knew about it before you" event but not look like your trying too hard:

Puebla crop-top $58 at Nastygal.com

Smocked jumpsuit $39.99 at urbanoutfitters.com (Sale section)

Plunge neckline swimsuit $39.99 at urbanoutfitters.com (Sale section)