American Dream

Close up of dress:

I write this post as my stomach continues to regret the decision of me eating a gyros and two jam filled scones at the Puyallup Fair....but yes, I did indeed "Do the Puyallup" today (which I find a rather awkward catchphrase, but that's not important). What is important is that the fair is utterly nostalgic, a place reminiscing of the good old days of this grand ol' nation, back when cars looked great and no one cared that Twinkies were unhealthy. I love looking at the almost nauseating collection of whirring rides and fearing for the lives of these fair goers when I see a food stand aply named "Deep Fried Butter". If you haven't yet meandered through a fair this season I highly recommend you do! Nothing quite gets your mind racing like seeing bald overweight men chomping on turkey legs as their bedazzled jean clad counterparts try on pink cowboy boots. Welcome to America.

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