Food for Thought

So I decided to take pictures of everything I ate on Tuesday to show you guys some options for some healthy meals and snacks. I prefer eating healthy because obviously I don't really want to gain weight if I want to model, its nutritious and it makes your skin better! So whats not to lose?! Ok, like delicious pastries and pasta. I'm not going to lie, it's not easy eating healthy most of the time, I do have some intense cravings at times but I can pretty much keep them in check. I should also mention that lately the only drinks I've been consuming are water and tea. So if you want to cut unnecessary sugar from your diet that's the easiest way. So without further blabbering here is what I ate for the three meals of the day and snacks. But I must add this was a pretty good day health wise and I do sometimes obviously eat "unhealthy" things. But, I digress:

Blogilates pancakes, check out the "recipe", its actually only two eggs and one banana mixed together!

Ate the pancakes with one cup of mixed defrosted berries and some natural peanut butter (obviously not the whole jar)!


1/4 cup cashews and raisins


Quinoa + grilled chicken + salad with lime juice and balsamic vinegar

Strawberries are tasty....


 Ezekiel toast w/peanut butter

A mandarin....I think..or is it an orange?!

More Snack (6:00PM)( Had kickboxing at 7:00 and I was feeling hungry)

Dinner (8:00PM) ( I apologize for the horrible pictures, I had forgotten to take a photo until about all of it had been eaten)
Mixed seafood in tomato base

Brown rice

Conclusion: I now realize I eat a lot of food throughout the day but I think it's because I have a high metabolism and get hungry really quickly! I also tend to feel a bit faint if I haven't had food in a while so I have to keep my energy level up. I hope you didn't think this was a meaningless post and I would love it if you guys posted pictures of what you eat on a daily basis! It would be really interesting to see what people consider a "normal diet" and I mean diet in the sense of what we consume, not for losing weight!