"A dollar make me hollah"

So last night I had my infamous annual Halloween party....ok.... fine its not infamous. All we do is eat
excessive amounts of sugar and tell random stories (plus we watched "Cabin in the Woods", so odd). But I do love to dress up for Halloween because its the one day a year when you can dress up as someone else and no one thinks its weird. So this year I decided to go as a Toddlers & Tiaras contestant, and even though I couldn't find a hairpiece, I think my costume turned out pretty well! I also continuously did the squished face hands pose (which you will see in a picture below). Overall I had a great time and I cant wait for next year! Also tonight I'm going to a friends birthday party so maybe I'll have a new post for you about that next week!

PS. I randomly came up with a great Mitt Romney costume idea, wear the Mitt mask, a pimped out money suit, and carry around a binder full of pictures of celebrity women #genius

Photographic evidence:

I loved my friends Marina & the Diamonds costume! So adorable...


We all wannabe Japanese lolita's...