"White Walls"

As you may well know by now my style tends to be quite bipolar...one day I'm obsessed with 60's screen sirens and  then its rap star's wives (ok, maybe not that one). But right now my style is pretty hip hop so I guess that's related to trophy wives?...But yes, I am still loving my sneaker wedges and my leather armed varsity jacket! Here's my outfit from Saturday night, when I went to my crazy awesome friends birthday party :) At her party we visited the local shopping establishment and I got a few "ghetto fab" accessories to spice up my outfits..

Jacket: H&M Mens, Shoes: DSW, Daisy Dukes: Pac Sun, Socks: JcPenny, Shirt: Forever 21

1. Chains with ze diamonds. Yes. Also, please appreciate my effort at "cool editing "

2. Lady baller hat. Obviously staring off into the eyes of my underground rap star boyfriend ;)

For some musical entertainment: