"I believe in the country America used to be"

Today at my school it was "American Monday" , no we are not a foreigner fearing cult of high schoolers, it was spirit day. Though you could argue that our suburban life isn't exactly aware of the rest of the world at all times..but that's for another time. In honor of this Patriotic day I decided to express my love of Lana del Rey's new music video for "Ride". Ok, fine. I love anything Lana does. But seriously, I love the denim, I love the curly mass of hair, the somewhat offensive feathered headpiece. They all work perfectly together to create a cheesy, nostalgic expression of the United States of America. It isn't always perfect, but you just cant look away.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py_-3di1yx0
Pictures for your viewing pleasure (ok, scratch that, sounds too creepy):