Throwback Thursday

Jacket: Thrifted, Jeans: H&M, White Tee: Target
Its Thursdayyy! Says no one joyously...but I was able to make the almost end of the week blues a little better by wearing my all time favorite jacket to school for "Throwback Thursday" (another cheesy spirit day), though I definitely wear this jacket outside of retro themed events! Its so fluffy and perfect, like little pomeranians on each sleeve! And these high waisted jeans added another retro vibe to the look. However, I would really like to acquire some tight flare pants, though preferably with some stretch (because I've tried on vintage ones and all I'm gonna say is good luck sitting down!). So if anyone knows where I could find some please comment! Anyways, I know the picture quality isn't great, but please forgive me, it was 7:00 AM...and my dad took the picture.

Some great furry jacket inspiration:

Since I got this ahmazeballs jacket from a vintage store in Amsterdam in ' are some pictures from a few other thrift shop excursions:


One of the best place's in Paris!

San Fransisco <3 had some amazing places in the hippy district  of "Height & Ashbury" here I am in my red hair.