"Raw cashews & workout mixes"

So I have been eating quite badly these past few weeks, and sadly it has taken a toll. I've gained some weight and obviously I'm not overweight but I would really like to loose those couple of pounds that I've amassed (because I think I looked better in the summer when I was a bit skinnier and if I want to get some modeling work I need to have the correct measurements). So, I've decided I'm really going to eat healthy and exercise frequently. I will do this for the month of November and see what kinds of results I get. Even if I end up weighing the same I'm sure I wont look worse. I would love it if some of you readers joined me and we could look fabulous together! Its not going to be very easy because lets face it, exercising isn't that fun and certain food items are always calling out my name...but It'll be worth it.

Here are some basics I will follow:

- Sugar max once a week (meaning dessert, soda etc.)
- No white flour products (for example: English muffins, pasta)
- Lots of lean protein (For example: turkey, chicken, eggs)
- Only whole grain, brown rice, quinoa etc, products
- eat every 3 hours
- only water or tea as a drink
- only healthy snacks (such as raw cashews, dried fruit, bananas)

- Exercise at least 4 times a week
- Kickboxing Monday's and Tuesday's, running other days
PS. It helps to have a great playlist when you are running, I especially recommend "Thrift Shop", "Mercy" and any other hip hop/ rap song which makes you want to bust a move..

Oh and some other randommness... here is a video from my first runway show, see if you can spot me!

And here's a picture from it (obviously I need to focus on not swinging my arms so much...)

Oh, I hope you are all having a lovely Halloween...I'm probably going to have some candy tonight and then start my plan tomorrow ( since tomorrow is the first of November anyways)..but I'm going to  do a workout video today cause it's quite rainy out and running's not great when you slip on wet leaves!