Its hard to have swag in the rain

Oh Washington. How I love and hate your rainy days. I must say I don't ussually mind the rain, but when I have to walk up a hill wearing a giant backpack in it, I am not at my happiest! Though I must say today I did look fairly good walking home, ok. just kidding. my liquid eyeliner was smudging all over my face and my bun (hair) was drooping. But before I stepped outside I did have quite a good fashiony look going on. Here's some visual proof of today's outfit (sorry for the long hiatus) and feel free to follow me on Lookbook (because literally no one does, its just "SeidiH")...I call this look "1950's goody two shoes who loaned a jacket from a hip-hop guy she's secretly in love with but cant tell him, because her parents are Catholic". Oh wait hip-hop wasn't "alive" in th 1950's, well umm, just pretend. Inspired by the fact that I love both kitten eyed retro darlings and "Boyz in the Hood". That is all lovelies. Hope you like it:
In case you cant tell, I have A$AP written on my nails, cause you know, I'm just that cool ;)

Just thugging...
 Cat eye + coral lip: touch of retro

 Giant messy bun (as usual)