"She jiggy like Madonna, but she trippy like Nirvana"

Rapper Azealia Banks in a Jeremy Scott Sweater and high waisted shorts!. Love her style and that hair is amazing!

If there's one thing that this winter break has caused, its another obsession. Nope, its not "Downtown Abby" or "Girls". In fact, its not even close to those. I have gotten slightly in love with A$AP Rocky (yes, I am aware usually artists with dollar signs in their names suck, but just give him a chance) and might have listened to his mixtape "Live.Love.ASAP" on repeat in the middle of the night for the past few days. And on the bus. And blasting on the stereo when I was home alone. But not only does A$AP have good lyrical skills, he is also attractive (where can I find a lookalike?) and is somewhat surprisingly really into fashion; just listen to his not yet released single "Fashion Killa". Which led me to look into hip hop/rap streetstyle tumblr's and oh lord, here it goes, I ordered a Odd Future cat pocket tee-shirt. Yes. Slightly unexpected even for me, but I am actually extremely excited to wear it to school! Don't worry,I will post a picture below of the tee-shirt (because I know you want one too)...And I am also attaching some hip hop inspired style inspiration below because, well, it's what I'm into at the moment.

Oh and here's the song:


I mean...its a cat on a pocket. Whats better?

A$AP rocking shiny leather boots and leather accented pants.

Cant hate a man who loves fur as much as me....