"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"

Slowly the season chances from gloomy grey skies to glimpses of the sun. Or in my case its still raining but the calendar says March and my eyes are red from pollen allergies. Regardless of the weather or the state of your runny nose,  spring is upon us. And for thousands of fidgety teenagers across the globe, this means "Spring Break". I recently saw the trailer for Harmony Korine's new movie "Spring Breakers" and I have to say it looks pretty great. Nothing I love more than slightly dark films about teenagers. Its actually quite odd how much I enjoy films such as "Welcome to the Rileys" or "the Virgin Suicides", I just cant jump on the "Mean girls" bandwagon, I prefer a more realistic ( if unfortunate) look at the youth of today. So in honor of this dub step filled tale of good girls gone bad I have found some pieces to outfit your vacation, whether you hit the sinful Florida beaches or stay in bed browsing Tumblr..shhhh I wont tell.

Neon Triangle Top
$9.80 at Forever21.com

Just Like Heaven Dress
$48 at Nastygal.com

Made by Dawn Bikini Top
$98 at Nastygal.com

River Island Tassel Front Low Cut Swimsuit
$45.78 at ASOS.com

3. Reaper Cutoff Shorts in Light Wash
$85 at Nastygal.com