$hine Bright like a Diamond

Well I have always been a huge fan of Rihanna's style and her concert at Key Arena on Wednesday proved no different. From an amazing shiny dollar bill dress to thigh high boots and leather crop top she looked perfect. If I could have any ones body and wardrobe I would probably pick her! She has that haute couture meets hip hop style captured perfectly. But not only were Rihanna's outfits amazing I loved how she had the stage set up quite simply but very photoshoot'y with Greek style colums and large electronic screens which featured different imagery depending on the song. Oh, and she had flames. Flames make everything hotter ;) And lets not forget Rocky here...Pretty Flacko showed off his rap skills in all white which may not be his best outfit in history, but hey he can do whatever he wants! He showed off lyrically and I still do love him. Just wish I had been in the front section near the stage so I could have really gotten into his songs..But overall I had a really good time and both of the performers did great jobs so it was money and time well spent. 

PS. I'm going to Mexico for Spring Break tomorrow so I probably wont be able to post anything but I will do it as soon as possible! Don't give up on me ;)