Lucy in the Sky with the Diamonds

OK. Fine. I will let you in on a little secret. The inspiration from today's outfit came from what "holiday" it is today, no, not Earth day, the other one. If you don't know what I'm talking about well then, umm, you certainly don't go on twitter or tumblr. But anyways,  I was inspired by hippies from the 1970's and the psychedelic patterns from the 1960's which undoubtedly were created by people who used "mind altering substances", I mean have you seen some of those vintage mini dresses (they are ridiculously neon with crazy abstract prints, kind of amazing and probably not possible to be imagined by a sober individual). So, for today I wore my trippy printed collared shirt, suede skirt and furry leather jacket. All of these articles were purchased  from vintage shops (in Vancouver and Amsterdam) and so of course the outcome is very retro. But I loved it and no one else in this boring suburb can copy my I am quite content*. 

*But not from participating in today's "holiday"I just want to clarify, I was merely inspired by the idea, I did not actually join the masses of teenagers sitting in their basements ;)*

I have also been googling psychedelic prints in art class this week because I wanted to add a pattern to one of my buildings which I drew for a project and I found some kind of amazing ones (they would look very cool if used as fabrics). And yeah, that's about it, now I would like un awkwardly end this post but of course I can't think of a proper "final sentence"so to finalize I would just like to say I suggest you go watch that episode of the "That 70's Show" where the parents eat the brownies because its hilarious and then maybe tomorrow go thrifting! In the words of Macklemore "I wear your grandads clothes, I look incredible!".