Dark Paradise


I know I missed the perfect time slot  to talk about my love for burgundy lipstick a few weeks ago after the whole Asap "purple lipstick" controversy (in short he said that  purple lipstick looks terrible on all women when trying to think of a trend that black women could wear and white women couldn't, apparently a direct hit to Azealia Banks who is often seen sporting the look, obviously not Rocky's best move) but I think you can forgive me and just listen to me "ahora". . So, moving on. I think burgundy lipstick looks fabulous on all skin tones and is a great alternative to the classic red. I actually sported the color today and although I would not recommend Covergirls version (because it smudges very easily) I think it gives off the right vibe of trendy and sophisticated. So in conclusion (oh boy, why does this sound like I'm writing an English class essay?) please go to your local drugstore or makeup mecca and pick up this vampy shade to try for yourself. Welcome to the dark side, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.
*Notice my great photo editing skills, nothing a little "Paint" and galaxy print won't mend
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