Iggy Azalea, girl power.

It's no new news that I've been listening to almost exclusively rap this year, and though most of that has been by male performers (for example Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Tyler, the creator) there's a certain female making a huge mark at the moment; Iggy Azalea. With her undeniable combo of beauty and lyrical skills she's really helping put women in the "game". However, I suggest you listen to some of her old material (for example her Ignorant Art mixtape) before you listen to her new songs (I don't think "Bounce" is at all her best work, its really commercial and lyrically simple, though the music video is quite fantastic). But not only is she helping females get a bigger role in hip hop, she is also a bit of an inspiration in my opinion because she embraces her "pear shape" figure. In general I feel the whole hip hop community really embraces curvy figures and not having to be stick thin to be considered attractive, which is definitely a nice contrast from the opinions of the fashion industry. In fact, I feel a bit better about not having perfect 34 inch hips and will happily wear my leopard body con dress (with my Nike's of course). So if you are still crying over that giant ice cream sundae you just devoured, below you will find some examples of Iggy rocking her famous figure and maybe you will be happy you just had dessert.