Music to Moda: Acid Rap

If you by any chance want to know what I've been replaying for the past two weeks on my morning walks to school it's definitely Chance The Rappers new mixtape "Acid Rap". And umm its no shocker than the artist "may" have been using acid while creating this mixtape. Even though I am against people taking lsd as a general personal rule, there's definitely major aspects of fashion that have been influenced by psychedelic drug culture (especially from the 1960's and 70's). So in case you want to look equally crazy and chill (and I know you do!) I suggest you find some multicolored trippy patterns and wear them to your hearts content. And with these clothes there's no possibility of negative side effects!

Option 1: Neon Tie Dye Print Mini

Option 2: Floral printed tee

Option 3: Kaleidescope Dress