Denim + dunks


It's a miracle. An outfit picture on this blog not from the suburbs! Yes, today I managed to get my mom to come with me to venture into Seattle and we made a quick trip to Bainbridge Island where we ate tasty lunch and did some window shopping. For the occasion I tried to look put together, trendy, but not too fancy (because no on in Seattle dresses up). I think I hit the right note by trying the denim on denim trend with my Nike's. It's a fairly simple look but it manages to look much more appealing than just another jeans and t-shirt outfit.

And here are some "random" photos from today so you can feel a little bit of the Seattle vibe:

Polaroids of the skyline..

Adorable canines on Bainbridge
Surprisingly not raining.

Obviously someone who failed at looking cool ;)
Veggie sandwich and potato salad at Streamliner Diner