California Love- 2Pac

I'm back! I officially survived another family roadtrip. A.K.A sitting in car for 10 hours straight after getting up at 6 am. A.K.A spending the night in a town nicknamed "Prison Town, USA". A.K.A. surviving a bus ride in Los Angeles...I hope by now you are getting the point. But in all honesty I had a great time and once again fell in love with California. From San Francisco's historic Chinatown to LA's crazy Venice Beach I have a slight obsession with this state. During the trip I also took a bunch of polaroid pictures which I will try to get up on this blog this week but before that here are some pictures from the trip taken on a digital camera. And feel free to comment on this post if you want me to write something more specific about this roadtrip (say a specific city or what I ate or anything really)!

*Ps, I will try to do some more California fashion related posts soon as well
** Photo credit to my mom, because I was busy taking polaroids and Instagram photos ;)

Venice beach at dusk, actually pretty sketchy but also perfect in that way that you cant believe places like this exist. There's a giant skatepark and a large array of people to watch..most a bit crazy. Wish I could have been there during the day though, would have been cool to see the bodybuilders!
 This was on Hollywood Blvd when we were waiting to take the bus back to our hotel. We were standing next to these security guys armed with giant machine guns ("heightened security" for some reason near the metro station) and one of them was talking to one of the "street performers" with a giant cobra? I don't know my snake breeds very well...
 Tourist ftw.
I just had to get In-N-Out Burger because I had heard rave reviews about it, did not dissapoint! Nothing beats a tasty burger and fries.
 Doggy celebrating during the Pride parade in San Francisco
 Somewhere in Oregon I believe. Luckily survived without any bites..
 At Universal Studios, wouldn't mind this vehicle for my personal use.
Pismo Beach. Holah if you get the Clueless reference.
 Wearing my 5 dollar LA hat on the sun deck of our hotel in Santa Monica (4th of July)
Bull dog on Venice Beach.