Always Hungry

First of all, so sorry for the hiatus. I actually have been pretty sick (had to go to Urgent Care because my stomach hurt so bad and turned out I had a "small intestine obstruction") but now I am feeling almost back to normal! Since we are on the topic of my stomach I thought might as well do a post about food. Ok, fine. Also because I am having ridiculous cravings for Puyallup Fair scones right now and I need to get out my pent up frustrations. But to digress, here is a little list of some of my favorite food spots from around the world (ok, these are mostly in the U.S. but you get the point). I shall call this, passport to hunger:*

1. Location: Santa Monica, California
    Culprit: Angelato Cafe
Visited this little gem near the Santa Monica beach front after eating gyros for dinner. What can I even say except DELICIOUS! They have over 100 flavors of gelato, meaning, you can find some amazing flavors you wouldn't find elsewhere like Vanilla Black Currant or Tiramisu. Definitely give this place a try if your a huge gelato fan like me and in the area!
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2. Location: Vancouver, BC
    Culprit: The Boss Bakery & Restaurant
My mouths literally drooling after the bit of Internet research it took to find the name of this place. CUSTARD BUNS. Like little puffs of heavenly goodness. I can't even type this its too distressing. Can I just be teleported into Chinatown please?

3. Location: Redmond, WA
    Culprit: Pasha Grill
If you know me you know one of my favorite foods is gyros. There's nothing like the soft caressing carbs of pita bread filled with slabs of mystery meat and tsatziki sauce to satisfy your taste buds. And even though I have eaten gyros at fancy Mediterranean restaurants in various locals, this casual eatery in Redmond Town Center has the best gyros I have ever eaten (but I haven't been to Greece so probably not the best gyros in the world). So if you are looking for some sustenance to fill your belly at lunch time I highly suggest the place. Be sure to order the Lamb Gyro Sandwich!

4. Location: Seattle, WA
    Culprit: Serious Pie
Oh pizza. One of the most genius inventions of the modernish world. Well, when done well. There's nothing I hate more than the Americanization of this food staple.. Pizza is meant to be thin and crispy, not greasy and topped with a million items. But I'm not fretting upon American pizza completely either, I found this pizza spot in Seattle that has pizza ovens and fresh ingredients. One of Tom Douglas's restaurants I highly recommend!

Oh, also if you are in Seattle this weekend the "Bite of Seattle" is happening and its a great event to use as an excuse to eat a billion pounds of food, so I think everyone who can should try to make it! I'll be there getting something to eat before Sunday's Bruno Mars concert :)

Finally, I would love to hear you guys (my lovely readers) comment on your favorite eateries or delicacies, wherever you may be at the moment, so we can all get inspired!

*Lord I'm cheesy