"Long hair don't care": Inspiration from the 1970's

This Friday I went to see "The Conjuring" and although it might sound a bit strange I left the theatre with some new style inspiration. The story (well horror film) takes place in the 70's and I thought the time period was nicely displayed through the clothing, without looking tacky or unrealistic. Think lots of flowy maxi dresses,  coats with furry cuffs, and untamed locks. I actually think I might have to add some 70's inspiration into my fall wardrobe to spruce up my style (and for something new). I'm hoping to go vintage shopping in Capitol Hill soon to look for some pieces (I'm thinking lots of  fringe, fur (faux) and lots of patterns). I've always been fond of style from this era and I think it's time I really added some of it to my personal look.


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