Beauty Haul: Back to Basics

Before: Without any makeup, not having the best skin day. After: Not perfect but still a lot neater

We all have those days. Our skin looks bad and we just want to lay in bed, wallow in self pity and watch some reality tv. But that's really not productive! And nowadays with the magic of makeup we can transform our not so perfect faces into something at least a little better. 

In order to put on your best face you need to start with a stable foundation, literally. So today I decided to head to Bartells and buy some new foundation to test out. I picked Revlon's Colorstay edition because I had heard good reviews about it online. And I have to say, this foundation definitely goes on a lot smoother than my old one (Covergirl Clean) and covers better. I still have some issues on my nose because it tends to get flaky but I don't think there is a makeup brand that won't make that happen (or if you guys know of one please tell me!). Overall I am pleased with this product (and the two others) but we'll have to see how long they last on my face (especially if I'm out and about) and if they clog my pores. I will be sure to do a post in the near future and inform you what happens...

But since I have a possible casting for l.a. models next Friday I'm going to go completely makeup free until then (ok except Sunday's concert) and I'm going to be extra sure to wash my wash every morning and evening. I'm also going to drink a lot of water and try to avoid wheat, sugar, and dairy. Hopefully my skin will improve a little so I can go to the casting because I would love to be able to work with l.a. models (if something magical happened and they wanted me to sign with them) since they are such an important agency! And I wouldn't mind "having" to travel to California...But until then I challenge you all to also nix makeup next week and face the world with a bare face because obviously it will only benefit your skin.