Trend Mix & BFW

So though the past few weeks have been fairly quite and uneventful I have a few fun events coming up in the fall which are related to fashion! First of all, next week I will be helping style the "Scene @ 6" fashion show at Kitsap Mall with the lovely Kristi (who also works at TCM Models). Basically I'll be shadowing what she does and hopefully I'll get to help pick looks for this back to school fashion show (I think she mentioned we're doing 60 outfits). That will take up a large portion of my week as we are pulling looks on Tuesday and Wednesday (possibly Thursday) and then setting up everything for the actual show on Friday (I will also be walking in it). So I'm really looking forward to the experience and hopefully I'll learn a bit more about styling. Another event I have coming up is the 7 Salon fashion show at Bellevue Fashion Week. I participated in this show last year and am excited about returning because I love getting my hair done (especially in an avaunt garde style) and just getting to see the general "behind the scenes" action. I'm also still crossing my fingers that I'll be booked for more things at Bellevue Fashion Week just because it's one of the bigger fashion events in Washington and really good runway practice. But over all I'm happy that I'll be busier in the fall and hopefully these two events are just the ones I know about right now! Here's some more details about the two shows.

7 Salon Info: