Hot off the (virtual) press

There's nothing like the feeling of opening your rusty old mailbox and seeing a gleaming magazine hidden in the ominous adverts you always seem to get (no matter how hard you try not to). But even though nothing beats the act of actually turning pages and being able to touch this months fresh issue, online magazines are often on the fore front of whats new and "hot". I find that a high percentage of the time online magazine's feature more obscure talent, take more risks and aren't as afraid of controversy as their traditional printed counterparts. One of the latest gems I've found on the world wide web is issue #103 of Oyster Mag. The issue features interviews and photos with three of my current musical favorites; Iggy Azalea, Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper and I highly recommend you visit their site to read what all three had to say because they most certainly weren't afraid to open up and show their true unedited selves. Not to mention, I'm kind of drooling over all of the photography on their site and it beats any images in my monthly subscription of "Seventeen" (which I probably shouldn't reveal) by a thousand times! But for your simplicity I've copied a few of the lovely pictures below so you can witness them without any additional net perusing:

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