"Driving Cadillacs in our dreams"

OOTD: Gold chains, red lips and sneakers. Posing in front of (hopefully non-gang related) grafitti around the Belltown area of Seattle.

You've never met people who can't stand still as much as my grandpa and dad. Today we all went  to Fremont to do some (very) efficient sight seeing (meaning visiting the Lenin and troll statue) and then afterwards had lunch at an ocean view restaurant in Pike's Place. But that's really all we did. No casual walking around the city. No time for sun bathing on  a public bench. Just business in and out. I had originally planned to visit some vintage shops in Fremont but since that planned diminished quickly I realize now I will have to make a repeat visit to the are soon (with just my mom, so we can actually look around). I guess what I'm trying to get across in this rambling thought is that the best way to truly soak in a area's charm is to loiter. Spend an afternoon getting lost and randomly choose a restaurant or boutique to visit (or find some culinary gems on Urbanspoon.com, my favorite). Just know, traveling isn't about checking off places on a list, it's about new experiences and good times.