Things that have happened in the midst of my blogging absence:
- walked in two shows at Bellevue Fashion Week
- "shadowed" a stylist for the pulling of some of the shows
- ate at Lola in downtown Seattle
- became obsessed with Drake's new album
- worked on my Spring Breakers Halloween costume
- ate homemade Italian tiramisu
- got my roots re-highlighted
- bought a 1980's denim dress
As you can tell it has been a  busy and successful few weeks and I have much to share! I will start off by showing you some pictures from fashion week. I got to participate in the Independent Designer Runway show and the SEVEN Salon Memoir show, plus I got to watch the GQ Men's show with my senior project mentor (who is a stylist I met through my agency). I had a great time at all of these events and would love to do something like this every year (or hopefully every season in the future if I'm lucky)....

My outfits at the Independent Designer show:
I absolutely loved this look by designer Corban Harper, I mean, I got to wear cat ears on a runway so it doesn't get much better.

I'm a stylish spy. Dress by Trina Pierre

Leather + flowing fabrics by Wyatt Orr

Behind the Scenes:

My look at the SEVEN Salon show with fellow model (and friend) Carly

Waiting in line for makeup

Instructions on the lineup for the Independent Designer show

Some other random tidbits of news I would like to share are that I got chosen as the Arts & Entertainment editor for my school paper and I also get to write the Fall Fashion article for our November issue, so hopefully I can produce some quality material! And as far as what I have planned this week (un-school related) is that I have a BP Fashion Board meeting tomorrow and then a casting for a runway show on Tuesday, so happily I'm not just stuck doing homework after school! I'm also going to try harder to update this blog regularly because really the point of a blog is to keep information flowing and not to leave my readers asking "is she alive?"...in the meantime remember to check out my Instagram and Pinterest accounts for (almost) daily updates:
Insta username: "seidih"