Hold on we're going home

It's senior year. It's crazy that I only have few months left of high-school, and although that may be mostly great (hopefully no more hallway cliques or prep assemblies), its also sad because that means everyones going to be moving away and friendships will most luckily be changed.

Last weekend I went to a birthday party with vision blurring rave lights and music blasting really loud. It was genuinely fun, just dancing badly and hanging. This Saturday night outing made me realize I need to just do nothing but enjoy time sometimes. I haven't really done a lot of the so called American teenage necessities, portrayed in just about every movie out there.  Think all night parties with red cups sprawled across the carpet in the morning. 

But though being stupid every Friday night and taking regrettable Instagram photos is probably very very entertaining, there is one thing I have done that I look back at and feel content with. And it has no bad consequences (well usually). Night time drives. There's nothing better than flying down the highway in the dark with your friends, windows down; the music loud enough for every passerby to hear. Maybe its the fact that its late and you haven't gotten enough sleep lately, but there's just something about the dark that makes you feel alive (as cheesy as that sounds). So I guess my advice for today would be just have a good time. Go to that party next Friday. Talk to that person you want to but always convince yourself not to. Eat at Denny's at midnight. You won't regret it...

1 am playlist:

  • Neon Lights- Brothers from Another


  • Hold on We're Going Home- Drake


  • Kissing Pink- A$AP Rocky