"I was yolo'ing a lot"- Tavi

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting the amazing (or should I say amazineing ) Tavi Gevinson, Tavi is a general fashion extraordinaire and cofounder of Rookie Mag, a fabulous online magazine focused on creating quality material for teenage girls.  Tavi and a few writers were in Seattle to celebrate the launch of Yearbook Two, a paper version of the magazine. The event took place at The Vera Project, an all ages music venue located near the Seattle Center (which I will most definitely visit again, maybe even for a 5$ dollar rap concert on the 23rd). At the event Tavi read her editors letter for December (about the meaning of the word "forever") and then signed and met her well dressed fans after a bit of zine making. The event was pretty great and I would be really interested in having more meetings of Rookie fans in the Seattle area, as I'm sure they would be filled with adorable outfits, lots of food, and interesting conversation! Below are some pictures from the event. Ps. If you were at the event yesterday feel free to ramble or attach a link to your blog/instagram/whatevermediumofsocialmedia in the comments section!

 Glitter crowns and pink bowler hats
 Twinning in denim jackets
 Just one of the great looks at the meet up. Love the dark lips and fur hat.
 A trendy graphic tee and printed shorts combo, perfect with knee highs socks.
I'm obsessed with cornrows, so of course I had to take a picture of this hairstyle! Wish I could do that myself.
Picture with the web queen herself, don't know what face I am doing in the photo but the past is the past.
Well I guess that solves the problem of a giant line at the "ladies room"

"Don't worry mom, I'm just going to a book signing"