Another Dime in the Bucket

Call it the return of the bucket hat. The  resurgence of this classic accessory has literally been unavoidable. Seen in at least three recent music videos (Confident by Justin Bieber feat. Chance the Rapper, Man of the Year by Schoolboy Q and Hood Pope by A$AP Ferg), this piece of headwear is slowly taking the place of the all too well known snap back. Personally, I'm a big fan of this trend as it reminds me of old school hip hop and doesn't take itself too seriously. Hoping I can acquire another specimen of this fine article soon!

In case you happen to be interested (and in fact I know you are), here are a few solid picks that would make great additions to anyones wardrobe:

Monsieur The USA Bucket Hat 6: $38.00 at

Official Crown of Laurel Paisley Bucket Hat: $31.95 at

Stussy Stock Lock Bucket Hat: $32.00 at