Ride or Die.

I have a weakness for printed beanies. And t-shirts with semi ironic sayings. And sassy socks. So when I made a quick stop at Urban outfitters on Capitol Hill yesterday after a test shoot with the amazing Josie Simonet and Andrew JS, I might have purchased a few items from the clearance section.

Obviously, I need to avoid going into Urban at all costs since it seems I can't exit the store without making any purchases. But regarding the above outfit, this is what I decided to wear last night to my friends 18th party. A little leopard is always appropriate for a Saturday. I can't say I know my "inspiration" or whatnot for this outfit, however, I can admit I was definitely feeling the whole beanie and denim shirt combo. Obviously this is nothing new and has been overdone by countless high schoolers claiming to be "soft grunge", but hey, it works.

Now, if I could just find someone who's ride or die girl I could actually be then I would be set. In the meantime I'll just settle with looking like I date a chain wearing hustler.