Sock' em

If you're an individual between the age of about 12-20 you've probably noticed the recent trend of printed socks. Whether its innocent kittens on your toes or not so innocent weed leaves, printed socks are the new printed leggings. And since socks aren't quite as abrasive as patterns covering half your body, they're an easy way to make a statement without going overboard. Below you'll find a small selection of my online favorites:

1. Seattle Skyline Socks
$12.95 at

Perfect for watching the Hawks win their next game or just going to class, these socks casually remind your peers you're repping the Seattle way of life. Though seen on wannabe "swaggie" preteens these socks can actually be cute if worn the right way. Please, just don't wear a matching snapback and shorts. 

2. Strathcona pink Mary Jane socks
 $38.00 at

 Huf socks are so yesterday. 

3. Obey Antalya Socks
There's a time and a place for footwear with animals (Fridays for example), but if you need some fabric to cover your feet thats a tad more professional, these paisley/bandana print Obey socks are a great choice. Male or female, these socks will add a mysterious gypsy street vibe to your aura. Imagine yourself  lounging on a vintage leather couch with the scent of burning incense in the air.....see, not bad.