The Supermodels Black Veil

First off. If you're a literary fanatic you should enjoy my little attempt at a clever title here (The Ministers Black Veil anyone?). Ok, truly it's not very clever, and you probably haven't heard of the short story (I was forced to read it in Senior comp last week). But alas, back to the subject. During the Givenchy Fall 2014 Menswear show in Paris last week, the male models sported a multitude of  looks clearly influenced by the resurgence of sportswear in fashion. Many of these looks were quite genius (obsessed with that grey mohair sweater), but what really caught my eye was the veils the models wore. A spin on the classic 1940's women's accessory, the models wore veils either on their own or under a cap. Yes, this isn't the first time we've seen this look on a male (one infamous blogger frequently sports one with a  beanie) but I feel this is the first time the look was executed in a truly well done, high fashion way.

I may of course be wrong but I feel a trend coming on. I could definitely imagine someone like Kanye sporting this look and creating a huge "fashion moment". Only time can tell, but if this look catches on I wouldn't be surprised, and I would also be quite excited.

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