Gucci Mane is the new Beethoven
Once in a while you see something so great you can't help but genuinely smile (or maybe smirk and give a nod of approval). This very experience occurred last night at the Nectar Lounge when I spotted a jacket with the phrase: Gucci Mane is the new Beethoven written on the back. So ridiculous was this jacket that is was utterly perfect. Give me a pop culture reference and I'll love you forever.

In honor of this magic I witnessed in Fremont here is a compilation of outerwear with words. Because if the baddest girls of Grease and the jocks of 'Murica can pull it off, so can you my friend:

UNIF bomber jacket: $198.00

Society Original Product varsity jacket $94.95 Karmaloop

 Obey Nation Jacket $100.00 Obey Clothing Website

See even Rocky agrees:
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PSA: If you know who was wearing the amazing jacket at the Dave B show last night please inform me. They deserve a style shout-out.