Life Round Here- James Blake (ft. Chance the Rapper)

Sneakers: Radii, Striped top & skirt: vintage, 90's rap tank: Urban Outfitters

White shoes are not for the weak. You can't jump in puddles, or take hidden shortcuts to school. You must stick to the sidewalk and maintain composure. But when you have a pair of white snakeskin sneakers all this is immensely worth it. There's nothing like a bit of Yeezus style footwear action to get you through your Tuesday. Pair these babies with some suede and gold and you're all set to walk/dance to the beat of the ooh kill'em caked up remix....

Ps. I don't know why I've started naming my outfit posts with song titles, but, I do know that its a lot more interesting than something like "Look of the day: suede & sneakers", so hopefully you agree with this notion and maybe take these titles are music suggestions.