If there was ever a MTV True Life episode dedicated to me it would be titled, "True Life: Addicted to Gold Chains". My bathroom is engulfed in a variety of necklaces, making it look more appropriate for Trinidad James than a white girl in the suburbs. And now, instead of getting over this obsession I have moved on to chains other than necklaces; low and behold the body chain.

Since I haven't been able to find one of these contraptions in any stores (and being too lazy to order one online), I jumped at the chance to DIY one when the cashier at Claire's said she had altered one of the store's necklaces into a body chain.

After some hassling this morning and copious amounts of caffeine I finally succeeded into making this creation. I'm pretty happy over how it turned out and I'm excited to wear it out (perhaps to Bumbershoot this weekend)!

One of my best friend's sisters also created a DIY chain YouTube video in case any of you readers are interested in making a hand or head accessory!

However considering you probably have the patience to wait for orders to ship, below I have found some options from the world wide web:

GG x MadebyReynalin Babygirl Body Chain $15.00

Drop it Low Body Chain $28.00

ASOS Choker Disc Body Harness $29.02