Lost in a Fantasy


Lavender hair makes everything better. Even though my locks aren't permanently adorned by this shade (and instead only this color from a powder paint shoot with Tessa), I still love it. Having crayon hues in your hair makes you seem a little more whimsical and a bit more adventurous.

Decided to play up the edginess factor of the hair color a little by pairing it with my new cutoffs from Forever 21 and over the knee leather boots. Thought it would be nice to be a little bit of a diva on this Thursday.
As far as the rest of the week goes I have casting tomorrow and then the rest of  Labor Day weekend is reserved for Bumbershoot. Hoping to meet some cool people and to see a few of my favorite artists (including Sam Lachow, SZA, and J Cole) so let me know if you're going!