Bumbershoot: Day 2 Recap

Bucket hats everywhere.
Saturday was reserved for ScHoolboy Q and because of this we headed to Seattle Center early to get in line for the Main Stage. Luckily the line was short at this point and we knew some people at the front (which I'm aware is still line cutting and very annoying to everyone else, sorry). After waiting for about 40 minutes security gave us the go ahead to enter Memorial Stadium. By go ahead I mean that everyone pretended to not run while actually speed walking at the same velocity as running. This could have ended badly as there were quite a few stairs we had to go down. But luckily we made it to the barricade right in front of the stage safely to claim our spots. This was followed by a few hours of melting in the sun during which I consumed a large quantity of chicken strips and french fries. Of course I also braided by friends hair because really that is what you should  do while waiting for a rap show.

Once it was time for ScHoolboy to actually perform we went crazy and successfully did not signal for security to get us out of the mosh pit. Because nothing beats rapping along to Oxymoron at loud volumes while not caring at all about how ridiculous you look at the moment. When Macklemore made a hometown appearance during White Walls it was great seeing how happy everyone was to see him. Overall it was a very solid set and definitely something I'll remember for a while. I mean we even made the Local section of the Seattle Times and ScHoolboy Q retweeted our picture. Not bad...

"Just sitting in the studio trying to get to you baby"

Everyone went wild.

The rest of Saturday's Bumbershoot festivities were more of a hit than a miss. After the Main Stage we headed to the Fisher Green to catch IAMSU! which was really just a very mediocre rap performance (though I wasn't expecting it to be very good considering the kind of music he puts out). Then later on during the evening we went to watch The Head and The Heart. Although their set itself was good  it's not really the kind of music I enjoy listening to and so it felt like it dragged on a little. Still Day 2 of Bumbershoot was something I would be happy to repeat.

We also got the chance to talk to Sk8God who I see at most every Seattle concert I go to and who has the greatest hairstyle of 2014 hand down! Check out some of his work on http://misscaseycarter.com/mcc/ and https://soundcloud.com/thankyousk8god