Bumbershoot: Day 3 Recap

One thing is for certain: three days of musical festival mosh pits make you tired. As I plopped into bed Monday night I felt like I had ran a marathon. A marathon of trying to not get elbowed while "turning up". But even through the first world exhaustion I could conclude Bumbershoot was a fabulous way to spend a long weekend, great music was heard and free Starbucks drinks were consumed.

So without further adieu here's what went down on Day 3 of the festivities.

When we first got to Seattle Center we headed to the Main Stage to check out the situation. This meant sitting in the shade to listen to Capitol Cities while people watching and counting how many girls were wearing the exact same uniform of cut off shorts and crop top. We also almost got trampled as we were a little bit too close to the ground in a see of legs.
Before almost being stepped on
But considering how much I ramble about rap music in daily life you can guess I wasn't there for mainstream alternative rock. I was there for J Cole. And he didn't disappoint.
In the heat waiting for a good view.
I've been a fan of J Cole's music for a while now and consider him to be one of the better rap artists of our generation. He was also one of the few people in the public eye to actually talk about Ferguson when it happened, which makes me respect him even more. During his Bumbershoot set he even opened with Be Free and had footage of police brutality and current events on the jumbo trons. Definitely something the countless people there simply for a show weren't expecting.

Overall he did a great job of performing and I could tell it's still something he's truly passionate about. Check out some footage I attempted to capture during his set:

Until next time Bumbershoot. Or perhaps Coachella since I'm moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks?
Ok a girl can dream....