It's All in the Eyes

When your eyeliner is on point you can rule the world. Makeup has the magic capability of making you feel better even on your worst days. Give your eyes a shield of black and you can conquer anything. Below you will find my top 2 favorite liquid eyeliners, and a little how to on getting the best "wing" possible.

1. Color-proof eyeliner
This option from Sephora's in house collection features a waterproof formula that I've found lasts all day. It's also pretty easy to apply with the foam tip wand and there's enough liner in the bottle to sustain you for a fairly long time.

2. Maybelline Master Precise by EYESTUDIO
If I had to choose a favorite eyeliner out of the ones I've used over the years for ease of use I would pick this one. It's almost impossible to mess up the wing and its fairly long lasting. Choose this one if you have the option of doing a touch up every few hours but want a clean look.

How to Get the Perfect Eye:

1. Draw a line from the end of your lash line to the end of your brow. Don't try to do the entire look at once.
Please ignore my unwilling stray brow hair...

2. Create a triangle of color by attaching the wing to the rest of your lash line

3. Using small strokes fill in the rest of the liner until you are satisfied with the width

Now you are ready to be the girl boss you are.