Cray Cray

Today's outfit in the City of Angels, also, my nails keep getting progressively more hood as the days go on.

The gold decorations on my (fake) Timbs perfectly describe the last few weeks. I have been ridiculously busy going to school and adjusting to living in a new city,  as well as helping out at LA Fashion Week. When I say I've plopped into bed at midnight exhausted multiple days in a row it's not an over exaggeration. But although hours of scurrying around has made me less prone to sudden dance outbursts, I have undoubtedly been incredibly lucky in meeting loads of interesting and creative new individuals!

I even had a bit of a modeling session at a show this weekend when a designer didn't have enough girls for an installation and someone suggested I help out. What followed was an unexpected round of posing in front of a multitude of cool (and not bad looking might I add) guests...

View from the CONCEPT show makeup chair

4th from the left attempting to look casual,  picture source

Last weekend I also headed to the Fools Gold Day Off show near USC with one of my roommates Emily, where we got to bask in the California sun, count the amount of bucket hats, and bob our heads to some good music. *Big Sean also made a surprise appearance on stage and didn't look half bad*

Overall I've had a great time so far even though I haven't had much time to relax and I can only wait and see what craziness happens next, in the meantime I will just keep lurking downtown until I spot Iggy and her b-ball bae (who supposedly inhabit the area).