Where are we going from here?

A love letter to real tacos and palm trees. A parental speech of disappointment for waking up to smoggy mornings and less than ideal tap water.

I've been here for a few weeks now and I still don't really believe that I live in Los Angeles. Its that kind of feeling you get when you're deep into an eerily realistic dream. You know it could all be happening, or it could just as easily disappear at the slightest blink of an eye.

In this city the sunshine beams down at you, enveloping you in a nostalgic haze of warmth and rays of bright light. The never ending landscape turns from tall office buildings housing the busy worker bees of the financial industry, to abandoned store fronts left to become vast canvases in an instant. Though some might hate the major division the city has to offer, I think its all part of its elusive charm. This is a place filled to the rim with artificial wealth and relationships but take a second look and you'll find something much more human. 

Panaderia and taqueria shops line the streets just a few blocks from my school and I love how foreign it feels. Not foreign in the fact its not "American" or what I'm used to seeing in my daily life, but foreign in the fact that it hasn't been stripped of its authenticity for public consumerism. You can't compare a long lasting family tradition with something cooked in mass quantities in a cold stainless steel kitchen. I also love that I get to listen to Spanish when I'm walking down the street and because I took the time to learn it in high school I can actually comprehend it. 

Though LA is certainly not a perfect place, it's a reflection of society and I think becomes whatever you make it out to be. You could easily live in a mindless bubble and ignore what is out there, or you can take full advantage of a major location. Don't just sit on the couch staring at your screen because that won't be the thing you think about years later, get outside. Who knows what could happen? Undoubtedly usually its nothing extraordinarily special, but isn't it worth the chance it might be something spectacular that one time?