Weekend Warrior: Melrose Avenue

I may have found one of my favorite spots in LA, and it's only day 4. Melrose Avenue is full of everything I love, stores filled to the brim with Tumblr worthy articles of clothing, a selection of random food places, and a touch of weird. By weird I mean a combination of fancy designer places (say Vivienne Westwood), edgy street art, and the presence of multiple dispensaries all in one location. Slightly reminiscent of Seattle's Capitol Hill, although much hotter and more full of people who just left their trendy workout spot (I'm talking about you barre fanatics). Overall a lovely spot in the craziness of the giant city and somewhere I will definitely be heading again in the near future! I just need to make sure I don't spend all my cash on vintage dresses and kitschy accessories...

Cash Rules Everything Around Me 

Destroyed posters make for great art pieces

Clearly she's spotting all the cute outfits

Thoughts on the government in sticker form

Beautiful vintage window displays

Adventure Time of course!

If I was rich I would spend all my money here

World of Leggings isn't false advertising