New Adventures in The Real World

Nothing in the books or the ABC Family Made for TV movies can prepare you for what moving away to college really feels like. It's a peculiar mixture of feeling absolutely ecstatic about discovering new places combined with a nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your brain races with a million thoughts while you try to just keep it together and act like a grown up. This somewhat put together nature of course completely crumbled when I dropped my debit card somewhere at SeaTac and panicked at the thought of starting out life in the grand city of Los Angeles without money.

In the end though the card problem got solved with a trip to the mega structure of  a bank in downtown yesterday. The jumble of feelings however still hasn't really stopped. Although my apartment is now more or less moved into, and I've gotten to know the area a little bit more, I'm still very much weirded out by the thought of living on my own in a brand new city. It's not that I fear living without my family, it's more of a sense of "wow" this really is the beginning of the rest of my life.

This evening as I swam around in the illuminated pool with one of my roommates and looked out at the skyline view from my apartment; although still in a surreal state of mind, I was happy. It's amazing to get to live in a place so full of opportunities. Even if most don't "make it" in this place that makes up 23% of California's population, almost everyone continues to stay hopeful.

I don't know what kind of job(s) I will acquire in the next few years or if I'll even end up doing anything related to merchandise marketing, but I do know that I will gain a whole new appreciation of living, and a giant concrete playground to roam in. Just stay tuned for what new ramblings this adventure will bring....